Christine Matthäi was born in Germany. She lives and works between the Hamptons, New York, Miami and the Bahamas.

During her extended travels to different places and countries she captured her surroundings, which resulted in different photographic series. Her favored subject on her journeys has always been the water.

Her work has been exhibited and collected internationally.

"The symbol of water represents our subconscious, that which lies beneath the surface, our limitless divine nature. Our subconscious sea is where creativity exists and from where, through the seed of thought, ideas manifest in the physical realm."

Artist Statement

On my search for inner transformation and self realization, I explored ancient symbols, historical imprints such as labyrinths, sacred architecture, symbolic geometric shapes and proportions. That led to different series such as LIGHT and SEA, CIRCULAR SKY AND SEA, SACRED PATH and ARCHITECTURE of SOUND where each series is a continuation of the previous one.

LIGHT and SEA images are abstract visual meditations derived from the interplay of air, light and water and the shifting of colors from form to formlessness.

SACRED PATH works are visual meditations with spiritual dimensions using the Labyrinth as a tool.

ARCHITECTURE of SOUND works are visual expressions of the correlation between spiritually significant sounds and colors and their healing powers.

CIRCULAR SKY and SEA images derived from my Mandala series where the geometric form of the circle represents wholeness, infinity, perfection with no beginning and no end.

SAND and GOLD MANDALA series are inspired by the Buddhist monk sand mandalas leaning on the idea of creation and destruction with the exception that the dismanteling will happen with the passage of time, the transformation of everything from form to formelessness.

Exhibition History

Ashawagh Hall East Hampton, Folio East group show, September 2019

Nassau County Museum of Art N,Y, ENERGY SHOW, July –November 2019

ARC Fine Art, Amagansett NY, group show, July 2019

William Ris Gallery, Jamesport NY, group show, July 2019

East Hampton Art Benefit, June 2019

Water Mill Art Center, Benefit exhibition, June 2018

Ille Art , Amagansett Hamptons, group show, December 2017

ARC Fine Art, Fairfield CT, group show, April 2017

Folio East, Barn Exhibition, Easthampton, 4 person show, September 2017

Folio East, Malia Mills Gallery, Easthampton, 4 person show, February 2017

Folio East, Kathryn Markel Gallery, Bridgehampton, group show, January 2017

Folio East, Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, group show, October 2016

Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, 5 artist show, August 2016

Alex Ferrone Gallery, Cutchogue, 3 artist show, July 2016

Alex Ferrone Gallery, Cutchogue, 2 artist show, August 2015

Water Mill Museum, group exhibition, June 2015

Grand Gallery Freeport Grand Bahama, group exhibition, March 2015

Coldwell Banker James Sarles Grand Bahama office gallery, solo show with permanent installation of 13 art works, January 2015

Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, 2 artist show, August 2014

Art Hamptons Fine Art Fair, Bridgehampton, NY, July 2014

Represented by Monika Olko Gallery

Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, solo show, October 2013

Handwerklab Shelter Island, NY, solo show, July 2012

Majestic Hotel Dubai, 2 person show, Mai 2012

Private Bank Wealth Management, solo show in Bologna, Italy, April 2011

Clive T Restaurant in Bologna, Italy, solo show March 2011

Amarillo Gallery Bologna, Italy, 2011

Falcone Arts Munich, Germany, solo show, December 2010

Art Gallery Abaco, Bahamas, 2010

ARC Fine Art, group show, May, 2010

Galerie Melior, Straubing, Germany, 2-person show, Dec 2009

Tulla Booth Gallery Sag Harbor NY, group show, April 2009

Lumas Gallery, 2008


Created and produced coffee table book on Artist Tables "KUNST IST ESSEN IST KUNST" 2004

Created DVD series: FLORAL, WATER, with her photographic images and music produced by PDI Inc./Canada, 2006

Photographed and wrote children’s book "The Adventures of Puppy Schatzi" 2010